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When it came time to buy my first home, location to work and a high quality school district were primary factors and I still very much had a first time buyer budget as a teacher.

The area that we lived became very important to us. We wanted to ensure that at least one of us was within 15 minutes of our job (I had begun the search for a new position) and that our future kiddos would have access to a really great public school district. Those two things, along with our budget, helped us to identify the area we would look.

Did I mention it was 2007?! Yep, we bought at the peak of the market right before the bubble burst! AND…I survived, thrived and even became a real estate agent. 😀 It’s now 15 years later and I am still living in this same community. I’ve bought and sold a few houses, I have renovated and built equity, and “leveled-up” with each new home. In each situation, I have learned that location is key to value, whether it is the value it holds for you or for someone else.

What are your major decision factors?

Close to Work - What commute are you comfortable with?

Specific School District - What do you want for your kiddos? What’s important?

Type of Property - condo, single family, acreage?

Equity and or Investment Opportunity?

Purpose - Rental, Forever Home, 5-7 Year Plan?

I can help each step of the way, no matter the factors guiding your decisions.

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